Upright Freezer

In fact, there are two types of freezers - freezers (horizontal freezers) and freezers (upright freezers). Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of most consumers will depend, first of all, on the convenience of the model, then on the capacity and how often they will get the products from the freezer.

Vertical freezers

Vertical best upright freezer to buy cost more than freezers, however, they are more convenient in cleaning, disposing of products and finding those products that need to be obtained. However, their design  is similar to refrigerators. It contributes to the fact that you often and for a long time will look into the freezer, and this can affect the increase in electricity costs.

Plus: easy to locate, extract and store products; easy to clean, do not need to bend much, more technical characteristics of storage products.


Disadvantages: limited choice of size, more expensive, some models provide manual defrosting, promote frequent browsing, less energy efficient, may not have enough space for large and weight products

These characteristics are the most important for the upright type of freezer:

  1. Lighting in the freezer.
  2. Boxes on the doors.
  3. Metal Shelves.
  4. Pull-out baskets.
  5. No frost system for easy cleaning of the freezer.
  6. Secure lock.
  7. A signal warning of too high a temperature inside the freezer.
  8. Fast freezing.

Upright freezers have many differences in characteristics, and in addition to important technical characteristics, the availability of additional features will allow you to use the freezer with greater ease, as well as provide ease of care for it:

  1. Availability of various adjustable / detachable drawers on the door.
  2. Convenience of drawers on the door in the freezer.
  3. Pull-out shelves.
  4. Possibility to adjust the shelves.
  5. Retractable baskets.
  6. Locking mechanisms.
  7. Departments with soft frost.

The most important factors affecting the price are: the type of freezer, its volume and type of freezing. Most upright freezers offer great opportunities for placing and storing products; in some there are several ways to organize the space and location of products, plus the convenience of cleaning the freezer - all this affects the price of upright freezers.